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Zen's Den Yoga is a donation-based yoga studio.  All group classes and most workshops are donation-based! This a way to make quality yoga accessible for everyone no matter your income level.  Donation-based doesn't mean cheap, low quality or free, devalue the practice, the teacher or other local studios, but it is a way to allow you to pay what works for your income level.  A typical range is $5-$20- consciously deciding what you truly can pay and maybe helping the person who can’t pay $5 by paying a little bit more.  Monthly memberships are also available. New to Zen's Den in 2019 is affordable massage. 

At Zen’s Den Yoga we still have expenses, and the teacher(s) get paid at a level that does not devalue the service of yoga; however by asking that you consider paying the amount that you can afford, it offers a space for everyone to benefit from yoga no matter what their income level. The space is simple and minimalistic, to keep the cost down, while still offering a place to practice, to breathe, to be in community, and to grow. 

The owner, Tricia is a servant at heart.  Her full-time profession, part-time moonlighting and volunteer work are all around service. She never wants people to turn away because they can’t afford the class. She wants to share how yoga can help us to live a kinder, more gentle, slower paced (if you choose) way and share this amazing trans formative practice with people of all income levels.  

Tricia Reedy Jones, E-RYT has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and was introduced to the practice after suffering from chronic pain and fatigue.  Tricia brings experience in teaching power, gentle, senior and pre-natal yoga.

Tricia learned in her current practice that yoga is a combination of surrender, perseverance and faith. It is listening to her body, mind and spirit and moving with breath in a way that feels right. Restorative, slow flow, Yin, power yoga and meditation all have their place in her practice and her teaching.  Being able to offer education, hands-on-assistance and passionate teaching to the community makes Zen’s Den a place where Tricia can share this amazing practice with the local community. No matter where you are in this journey, in your dance, and in your season of life, Zen’s Den is here to share yoga with you!


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Zen's Den Yoga

583 Old Schuylkill Road, Pottstown, PA 19465

@Historic Olde Home Farm

Classes are held in a beautiful rustic barn (April - November)

(610) 850-5425


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