Donation-Based Reiki

Amy J Harris is a Clairsentient Empath Healer and Intuitive Life Guide in practice since 2010.  She is a Tibetan Reiki Master and was trained by a Shiatsu Massage instructor to heal Sacral Energy where Acupressure Median Lines are blocked.  Her treatments consist of laying on a massage table, fully clothed, while she works to balance Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Donation-Based range is $40-$65/session.

Benefits of Tibetan Reiki Healing


Attainment of Positive Mindset through energy transfer to help with your Overall Wellness.


Relaxes and releases body tension by balancing your internal energy ("Chi", or "vital life force") and Chakras (energy points in your body that correspond to specific internal organs and nerve centers) to a neutral state, allowing the body to heal itself from within.


Relief from emotional trauma, clearing the mind to restore cerebral harmony to Present Moment Awareness by releasing symptoms of anxiety (fear of future), depression (stuck in the past), or whatever energy blocks you may be currently holding in the body.


For those already on a spiritual path, Tibetan Reiki Healing can further your spiritual development.


Amy's technique specifically helps you reprogram your mind and body to be more in alignment with Spirit, and allows you to just "BE" (peaceful, relaxed, lighter, etc.)

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